Apple has created an augmented reality app called “For All Mankind: Time Capsule” for the upcoming second season of their show “For All Mankind”, premiering February 19th on Apple TV+.

“AR presents a new and exciting opportunity to bring the world of For All Mankind literally into the homes of the audience in a way that hasn’t been possible before,” said Ron Moore, creator and executive producer of For All Mankind

For All Mankind takes place in an alternate timeline of 1969, where the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, and the space race perpetuates for decades with greater challenges and goals.

This shows Apple’s obvious continued interest in AR as they also continue to develop AR glasses. This also offers a glimpse into possible future promotion methods from the company for their Apple TV shows.

For All Mankind fans can appreciate aspects of the AR experience like social studies homework that reflects the alternate timeline when the show occurs. The app takes place inbetween the decade long gap between seasons 1 and 2.

Fans using the app will also be able to interact with a variety of objects — like a mixtape and an Apple II computer — that highlight relationships in the show.

You can enjoy and understand the show without the AR app, but the AR would be meant to enrich the experience.

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