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OverwriteXR (2021) is a blog on everything extended reality (XR) related. Always open to hearing from readers what they want to see more of! This site is relatively new. Some blog posts date in 2016 because they’re archived from a former blog.

OverwriteXR dives into a varied set of XR articles that include opinions, sociological observations, news, and product reviews (coming 2023). A look at where the industry is and could be headed. It’s also a general spot for XR content (memes, artwork, 3D assets, and more).

The Metaverse (XR utilized as an evolved internet) can radically shift society like the internet continues to do. Augmented reality (AR) can migrate heavily into business services. Virtual reality (VR) can seep further into video games. Mixed reality (MR) has a lot of potential in education with a hands-on approach to learning.

XR allows a reality built from and only bound by imagination.

Posting Schedule for 2023

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