Traditional digital artists are increasingly exploring VR art for new projects.  Similar to 3D modeling on flat desktops and laptops, but with a more immersive interface.

MasterpieceVR first released its software for PC VR headsets in 2017, which had cross-platform multiuser support so artists on various platforms could sculpt and paint in VR together.

There are other VR creation tools out currently like Tilt Brush (2016), Oculus Medium (2017) or Quill (2017), but with MasterpieceVR up to four artists can collaborate in VR and while being watched by up to 20 spectators. Their latest release “Masterpiece Studio” combines their animation rigging with their 3D modeling tools.

Digital artists like ZandraArt have been experimenting with software like TiltBrush, posting, “first real experiment in Tilt Brush !! VR is a blast…such a delight to draw in!!”

Artists are experimenting with comic book illustrations in VR, with an animated comic using speech bubbles to guide the viewer’s gaze.

Not even considering the visual immersion, there is multi-sensory research like from FeelReal, which is a multi-sensory VR mask that creates scents based on your VR environment (though they’ve hit some issues recently because of the vaping FDA ban). Teslasuit also works on haptic feedback wearables such as the new Teslasuit VR gloves.

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