This is a concept of what a daily routine might look like for an animator a decade from now with the Metaverse. I’m not from the future. Yet.


Brandon’s house speakers go off, jolting him up. He tells Alexa to shut it off. He lifts his smart glasses from the charging pad, places them on his head (they immediately turn on, of course) and saunters to the kitchen.

The second he opens his fridge, his glasses highlight the food that’s set to expire soon based on when he opened them. The glasses also suggest recipes based on what’s left in the fridge. He gets out the eggs, mushrooms, and cheese to make an omelette.

The smart glasses app he uses for recipes has a premium feature he bought where a holographic Gordon Ramsey appears in his kitchen to help with the steps.


His morning is filled with various meetings with his clients. Eventually he gets started with his 3D animations on Blender, which now has a feature that lets you modify shapes in the air with your glasses. He has holographic versions of each of his clients appear by his bed.


Feeling antsy, Brandon takes a walk outside. He wants to try a new place for lunch today so he turns on restaurant ratings. As he walks down the street, ratings and reviews pop up above the restaurants, diners, cafes and delis.

On his walk, the smart glasses highlight an individual ahead of him and he sees it’s one of his close friends, Derek. A notification above Derek’s head says he’s also out looking for food.

They both find a Mexican fast food place Brandon had been meaning to try and they both order burritos.


Refreshed, he goes back to work. He expands his animation to encompass his bedroom and takes a walk around as it plays. He makes easy and fast texture and shape details to the designs.


He decides he’s done with work for the day. He goes to his guest room, which he’s converted into his “immersion” room. He finds his headset, haptic clothing, and motorized boots that act like an omnidirectional treadmill.

Now, he’s in VR. His friends sign on and they spend the evening playing virtual games and attending a virtual concert.

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