At today’s F8 developer conference, Facebook announced new tools for developers to build augmented reality (AR) effects for group calls using Facebook’s AR creation software, Spark AR.

Multipeer API with AR has the potential to completely reshape our experience on video calls. AR effects that use combinations of objects and sounds all synchronously shared across user screens and devices. So an AR campfire scene or virtual bday party celebrations can show up and transform simultaneously across the different user screens creating a sense of togetherness.

Not only can you have shared AR decorations on your video calls, but creators will also be able to create AR games that can be played during these calls.

Spark AR was announced at Facebook’s F8 conference in 2017. Over 600,000 creators from 190 countries have published over 2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram, which makes it the largest mobile AR platform, according to Facebook. Since Facebook owns Instagram, even Instagram story filters use Spark AR.

Facebook is inviting creators to join the beta program. Facebook also continues to work on augmented reality glasses – a product with huge potential for a social media platform.

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