If you’re unaware of the social media hailstorm over the last few days regarding Pokémon Go, you’re probably living under a rock.

Pokémon Go uses Google Maps technology to put you in an augmented reality with your real life surroundings to make it appear as if the Pokémon you find are standing in front of you. The Pokémon are superimposed with what’s on your camera.

Pokémon has been a very successful franchise for Nintendo’s gaming consoles.  While millennials played Pokémon on Game Boy and bought cards, today, Nintendo is finally looking into Pokémon for smartphones.

This is similar to Ingress, a mobile game that tracked users’ locations and rewarded them for traveling in the real world.

Nintendo’s stock has skyrocketed following Pokémon Go’s release. The company’s share price rose 24.52 percent, which breaks their one-day 1983 surge record.

Data analysis published by Similar Web showed that Pokémon Go is more popular than Tinder on US android phones and set to surpass Twitter in daily users.

The real world interactions also poses some threats. In Missouri, armed robbers used the game to lure victims to an isolated trap. Once you hit a certain level in the game, players can congregate at local landmarks to battle and join teams.

Pokémon Go has had other weird influences on people’s daily travels. Many of the local landmarks where people catch Pokémon or refuel have been churches

Some people have cited mental health benefits to playing Pokémon Go. Tumblr and Twitter users said it’s motivated them to get out of bed. It makes sense considering that research has shown that walking outside can reduced negative thinking.

Not only that, but Pokémon Go now has a chat app, allowing for greater opportunities for social interaction within the game.

Whether it’s used for good or bad, it’s definitely gotten a lot of attention.


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