Apple invites XR media outlets to upcoming WWDC keynote

Apple has invited select media outlets, including RoadtoVR and UploadVR, to its upcoming WWDC keynote. This is significant because Apple has not typically invited XR media to its events or acknowledged its XR research and development, which strongly suggests that Apple may unveil its first XR device at the keynote (scheduled for June 5th). Speculation has been ongoing about whether Apple will focus on AR, VR, or MR. This may end up being an all-in-one XR device. We will have to wait for the event to learn more about Apple’s plans.

Looking Glass Holograms

Looking Glass, a hologram technology company, has introduced a new product called Looking Glass Liteforms. These are 3D holographic characters that can have natural conversations with users, similar to chatbots but without text. The characters, such as Andi the Robot, Little Inu, and Uncle Rabbit, are created using the AI chatbot ChatGPT, allowing for more lifelike interactions. Looking Glass aims to bring realistic holographic experiences to various industries, including retail, advertising, and entertainment. The Liteforms platform will be available through a subscription model, with different tiers for enterprise and individual users. Pricing details will be announced later, and interested individuals can sign up for the beta program. Additionally, Looking Glass offers the Looking Glass Portrait, a desktop holographic display for creative professionals.

New Snapchat lipstick and nail polish filters

Snapchat has introduced new augmented reality (AR) filters that let you virtually try on beauty products. One filter, created in collaboration with Supergoop!, allows you to try four different colors of Lipshade, a skincare brand’s new lip product. Another filter, in partnership with OPI, showcases eight different nail polish shades that appear on your hands through AR. These filters use advanced technology to provide a real-time experience, allowing you to swipe between different colors and make more informed shopping decisions. Snapchat is excited to see how users will utilize, share, and shop using these new AR filters.

Supergoop! AR try-on Lens here. Nail Lacquer Lens here

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