Amazon Everywhere

Amazon has launched “Amazon Anywhere,” a feature that allows customers to buy real products from the Amazon store without leaving their favorite games and apps. The first game to support this feature is Peridot, a location-based augmented reality (AR) game. Players can browse through a catalog of Peridot-themed merchandise and order physical items for shipping. Amazon is also offering support to creators and developers who want to integrate Amazon Anywhere into their games and apps. The goal is to make shopping for physical products in virtual worlds more accessible and convenient. The feature is now available in the Peridot app for iOS and Android devices.

Google’s new ARCore and Geospatial features

Google has introduced new Geospatial capabilities to its ARCore platform, expanding its augmented reality (AR) experiences. The new features include the Streetscape Geometry API, Geospatial Depth API, and Scene Semantics API. These enhancements allow developers to interact with and transform building geometry, anchor digital content securely to rooftops, improve depth measurements using building and terrain data, and provide class labels to outdoor scenes. These APIs are available on both Android and iOS devices. Google has also released an open-source demo called ‘Mega Golf’ to showcase the new APIs. Additionally, Google has launched the Geospatial Creator tool, aiming to simplify the creation of realistic AR experiences.

XR suite from Charles River Analytics

The U.S. Space Force Unit 13th Delta Operations Squadron (13 DOS) has announced that it will use the extended reality (XR) suite called SOLAR, developed by Charles River Analytics, to teach space operational concepts and situational awareness. SOLAR is a result of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s Hallmark program and combines immersive space training materials with virtual and augmented reality experiences. It helps trainees develop their understanding of satellite motion, threat assessment skills, and maneuver options. SOLAR provides Guardians (Space Force service members) with a stimulating and interactive environment to learn space domain functions and mission execution. The application’s visualizations and interface give Guardians scalable capabilities to enhance their understanding of 3D and 4D space concepts. SOLAR aims to provide an intuitive tool for Guardians and multi-domain warfighters to develop situational awareness and protect critical space assets.

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