Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision, a company known for its smart contact lenses, raised $22.4 million in a funding round. They are pivoting to develop and sell micro-LED display technology for various applications. The funding is led by NEA and Khosla Ventures, and includes other investors. Previously, the company raised $205 million, and had to put its smart contact lens plans on hold due to downsizing. Their new focus is on displays for AR/VR, automotive, light field, large format displays, etc. They are developing High Performance Quantum Dot (HPQD) technology for bright and efficient RGB pixels. The company boasts a number of advances in its technology, including displays with up to 28,000ppi, and an advanced manufacturing process to commercialize micro-LEDs. Mojo Vision’s new CEO, Dr. Nikhil Balram, brings semiconductor and display technology expertise to the company. The funding will enable the company to deliver their micro-LED technology to customers and bring high-performance micro-LEDs to the market.

Fruit Ninja VR 2

Fruit Ninja VR 2, which had been in Early Access for over a year, is a new game available now on PC VR headsets and Meta Quest. It offers familiar game modes such as Arcade, Classic, and Zen, but also a new mode called Whack-A-Fruit and a bow-and-arrow weapon. Additionally, there’s a new multiplayer social hub for players to compete in the arena. The game price is increasing from $20 to $25 upon its official launch, and more content will be added in the future.


NuEyes has announced the upcoming release of its next-generation smart glasses, NuLoupes, which utilize augmented reality (AR) technology to revolutionize the surgical and dental markets. The glasses offer high-resolution variable digital magnification, live 3D stereoscopic imaging with sub-millimeter accurate depth perception, and access to an ecosystem of AR applications and content designed to assist medical professionals. NuEyes worked with surgeons and dentists to develop NuLoupes, incorporating their input into the features, function, and ergonomic design of the glasses. The glasses are expected to be a significant advancement in the loupe market and a game-changer for surgery.

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