Rokid’s Max AR Smart glasses

Chinese company Rokid launched its Rokid Max smart glasses that are like having your own personal movie compact theatre. The glasses only weigh 75 grams and offer a large 215-inch screen six-meters away with cinema-grade MAX screen and quality audiovisual experiences, including HDCP support for streaming service integration. The glasses also feature Eyesight Accessibility to adjust for users with myopia. Rokid is also working to improve interoperability with mobile phones and has partnered with Qualcomm for its Snapdragon AR2 platform to enhance compatibility and accessibility for smart glass manufacturers globally. The glasses are available for pre-order for $439.

VIVE introduces self-tracking VR tracker

HTC VIVE has introduced a new self-tracking tracker for VR that is smaller and lighter than the VIVE Tracker 3.0. It features two cameras, an onboard processor, and a high-precision positional tracking algorithm, allowing it to track its location without the need for external sensors or headset cameras. It can be used with non-VIVE headsets and is compatible with OpenXR. The tracker can be combined with controllers to achieve full-body tracking, with up to five trackers connectable at once. The device is expected to launch later this year and is recommended for users of VIVE Tracking 3.0.

The Omni One VR Treadmill

The Omni One is a treadmill designed for traveling in virtual reality (VR). It allows you to move in all directions and promises a more immersive VR experience without taking up too much space. It comes with a Pico Neo 3 Pro headset and pre-installed software, and is available for purchase at a price of $2,595 or $65 per month via a payment plan. Those who invest in a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign can receive a 30% discount and skip the waitlist for purchasing.

TL;DR: The XR hardware space is moving quickly into 2023 – The new Rokid Max smart glasses offer a personal cinema experience, the HTC VIVE self-tracking VR tracker allows for greater flexibility in headsets and controllers, and the Omni One VR treadmill provides a more immersive and interactive experience.

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