VR fitness app FitXR’s new integration with Strava

FitXR, a virtual reality fitness app, has partnered with Strava, a subscription platform for connected fitness, to provide FitXR members with a more comprehensive view of their fitness journey through shared data. FitXR’s platform merges VR with total body workouts, offering classes within five distinct workout studios. Strava is a subscription platform with over 100 million active users in 195 countries that provides a holistic view of a user’s active lifestyle. Through FitXR’s free companion app, users can now seamlessly share their workout data with Strava, allowing them to set goals, connect with an active community, and share their virtual activities with other active people around the world. The partnership furthers FitXR’s mission to build an immersive virtual fitness club experience that is customizable for individual preferences.

Motorcycle AR Display

Motorcycling is known to be dangerous, with motorcyclists being 28 times more likely to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled compared to those in passenger vehicles. However, the Vision 180 motorcycle helmet dashcam kit by CREACT aims to prevent this. This device features real-time navigation, a driving recorder, and a rear camera view, with 120-degree wide-angle lenses and Sony CMOS sensors to help with nighttime lighting and hazy vision. The device can be easily installed in full or 3/4 hood motorcycle helmets and offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone for music and calls. The device lasts around 3.5 hours on a single charge.

ZEISS Takes Majority Stake in Tooz

German optical company, Zeiss, has bought a majority share of Tooz Technologies, a company that creates smart lenses for AR and VR. Tooz will continue to work independently, focusing on production and visual correction. Tooz creates smart lenses that integrate curved, reflective waveguides and “invisible” combiners that can also be sandwiched into a vision correction layer. Zeiss plans to use Tooz’s technology to equip other manufacturers’ AR and VR systems with prescription lenses. Zeiss has created VR and AR headsets in the past and sells aftermarket prescription lenses.

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