Meta Price Drop:

Meta has reduced the price of its virtual reality headsets – the 256GB version of Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro. The new pricing began on March 5th, 2023, with the 256GB Quest 2 dropping from $500 to $430. However, the 128GB Quest 2 remains at $400, and it was introduced in 2021, replacing the 64GB version. The company had raised the prices of 128GB and 256GB Quest 2 models in July 2022 to $400 and $500, respectively, but they have now been lowered.

Samsung files ‘Galaxy Glasses’ trademark

Samsung has filed a trademark request with the USPTO for the name ‘Galaxy Glasses’, which may suggest the name of its upcoming XR headset. The trademark registration covers virtual reality headsets, augmented reality headsets, headphones, smartphones, and smart glasses. Samsung announced last month that it was partnering with Google and Qualcomm to develop an XR device, with TM Roh, the president of Samsung’s mobile experience business, stating in a recent interview that the device is “getting there.” Samsung would be pitching the proposed device as a part of its Galaxy line, which includes smartphones, tablets, notebooks, smartwatches, and earbuds.

Xiaomi’s AR Smart Glasses

Xiaomi debuted its first-ever wireless AR smart glasses, the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2023, it features an electrochromic adaptive display, Snapdragon Spaces tethering, hand tracking, and is compatible with OpenXR and Microsoft’s MRTK toolkit. Weighing only 126g, it has a lightweight frame made of carbon fibre and magnesium-lithium alloys and is powered by a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 processor. The display offers 58 PPD, micro OLED screen, and 1200 nits of brightness, while the hand tracking allows for micro gesture controls. The device integrates social media apps like TikTok and YouTube, and its Mi Share function enables large-screen streaming within the glasses’ field of view.

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