One way to enable users to find and access different virtual worlds is to create lobbies for available virtual environments. This lobby could be organized by category, such as gaming, education, or social networking, and could include information about each virtual world, such as its name, description, and access terms. Portals in the lobby can lead to each one. Brands can create private lobbies for their ecosystem. For example a Disney lobby could link to various virtual worlds under the Disney umbrella, while allowing fans to interact in the general space.

2D Search engines:

It’s likely that 2D search engines in the metaverse will function similarly to how they do today, with some additional features to support the unique characteristics of the metaverse. For example, search engines in the metaverse may allow users to search for specific virtual experiences or virtual objects, as well as real-world information. They may also incorporate features that allow users to easily navigate and explore the virtual environments within the metaverse. This search engine could allow users to search for virtual worlds based on keywords, descriptions, or other criteria, and could provide results with links to the corresponding virtual environments. These links could display maps of the Metaverse worlds, which could show the locations and connections between different virtual worlds. These maps could be interactive, allowing users to zoom in and out, and to click on specific virtual worlds to access them. The directory can then be housed on blockchains.

Voice commands:

Voice commands could play a significant role in the metaverse, as they offer a natural and intuitive way for users to interact with virtual environments and virtual objects. This could let users simply say the name of a virtual world they want to enter.

Virtual AI Assistants:

Virtual assistants will be a personified version of the voice or text commands. These assistants could be accessed through voice or text, and could provide users with information and assistance in finding and accessing the virtual worlds they are interested in. They will likely be heavily customizable.

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