Nreal Air AR glasses

Augmented reality (AR) company Nreal announced its Nreal Air AR glasses are now available in the United States (US) with a new adapter that offers some support to iPhone devices. Nreal also announced updates to its Nebula AR operating system and new games and apps coming soon to its platform. The Nreal Air is available for purchase on Amazon for $379 in the US. The Nreal Adapter will be available for pre-order for $59.

VR Fitness App “Supernatural” Adds Disney Workouts

Supernatural, the well-received VR fitness app for Meta Quest headsets, added a new workout playlist with some of the most popular Disney music. Subscribers on the platform can access two new 17-minute workouts that are part of the “Disney Hits” series.

Lenovo Introduces Mixed Reality Headset For Businesses

Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo unveiled the ThinkReality VRX, an all-in-one mixed reality headset built for businesses. The headset has pancake (folded) optics and full color, high-resolution pass-through, and supports cloud-based rendering tools such as NVIDIA CloudXR. While it can be a standalone headset, you can also hook it up to a PC or other workstation.

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