NFL PRO ERA On Quest 2 & PS VR

StatusPRO, an athlete-led sports technology company, released NFL PRO ERA on Meta Quest 2 and PS VR. This is the first-ever officially licensed NFL football game for virtual reality (VR). They collaborated with the National Football Association. The game features real NFL teams, players, and stadiums. To learn more go here.

Multi-sensory XR experience ‘Symbiosis’ has a US debut at Portland Art Museum

PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow, the Portland Art Museum’s film and new media division, announced the US debut of ‘Symbiosis,’ a multi-sensory and multi-user extended reality (XR) storytelling experience. Every participant can explore different forms of being – i.e, a post-human or even nonhuman entity. Symbiotic human-animal or human-technologic relationships explore how genetic, cultural and technological traits can create symbiosis in the future.

Spatial analytics platform Cognitive3D raises $2.5M

Cognitive3D, a spatial analytics platform that collects data on how users behave in immersive 3D environments, announced it raised a $2.5 million Series Seed round led by Konvoy, with participation from Space Capital and Boost VC. User data collecting and analyzing is not a new phenomenon in digital spaces as we’ve seen with social media. As virtual reality becomes more popular companies will want to look at ways of gathering user data on more immersive platforms. Unlike user data for social media, with virtual reality platforms can record user actions such as hand and eye motions.

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