Ford’s AR Headlights

American car manufacturer Ford revealed its new high-resolution headlights capable of overlaying important info on the road while driving, using augmented reality (AR). The AR features include turn-by-turn navigation, real-time weather reports, and noting important street signs. This is different from the usual strategy of digitally overlaying info onto screens or windows.

Full-Body VR Tracking Shoes

VR company Surplex revealed futuristic sneakers that let you engage more realistically with VR experiences. According to Surplex, the Surplex Full-Body Tracking Shoes eliminates the need for pricey and complex tracking systems. With six hours of battery life, each shoe has 240 flexible pressure sensors and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that can track angles in real-time. The shoes are launching soon on Kickstarter. For more info go here.

Logitech’s $100 Off-Ear Headphones For Quest 2

Logitech announced the Chorus, a $99 audio accessory for the Meta Quest 2 that promises to improve sound quality coming out of the VR headset. This can better streamline the amount of gadgets on your head. Connecting the Chorus to your headset simply involves sliding the off-ear speaker right over the left and right arms of the Quest 2 headset. Each speaker is connected with a rubber strap.

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