RealWear Cloud

RealWear, a developer of reality wearable hardware for frontline industrial workers, launched ‘RealWear Cloud’, moving the company away from a hardware-centric company to a reality platform business. RealWear Cloud is a multi-purpose software assisting for IT and business operations. With the new dashboard, operations can remotely streamline control of their RealWear devices. As companies grow their set of RealWear devices, RealWear Cloud can streamline updates.

Gym Class

Gym Class, IRL Studios’ popular VR basketball game on Meta Quest App Lab, raised $8 million in a seed round run by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with help from Y Combinator. the studio hasn’t stated what the money will be used for.

Among Us VR Beta

Among Us, the social deduction game that grew in popularity in 2020, is coming to VR headsets soon. The beta version is now open for sign-ups. If you’re interested in applying, tap here. The full version of Among Us VR is scheduled to launch ‘Holiday 2022’ on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets via Steam.

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