Kopin’s “Pancake Optics”

Kopin, best known for its microdisplays, recently revealed its latest VR display and pancake optic at AWE 2022 with higher resolution and more cost-effective for future VR headsets. While today’s VR headsets are bulky with a lot of space between the eyes and screen, Kopin uses ‘pancake optics’ which reduce the distance needed between the display and the lens.

Resolution Games

Resolution Games,  a Stockholm based studio that creates VR and AR games like DemeoBlaston and AR/VR versions of Angry Birds, revealed 2021 was a record-breaking year for the company in revenue and game downloads. The studio also announced the acquisition of Stockholm-based indie Zenz VR, known for VR zombie shooter HordeZ.

“StretchSense MoCap Pro Fidelity”

StretchSense is a New Zealand-based company that combines stretch sensor gloves with machine learning to create advanced finger tracking for animators, game developers and film / VR studios. They’ve announced the release of its new motion capture glove, the ‘StretchSense MoCap Pro Fidelity’ device. According to StretchSense, the MoCap Pro Fidelity tracks hand movement directly from the joints, instead of doing complex algorithms to fill in for blind spots.

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