‘Immerse’ Yourself For Learning Languages

Immerse, a startup for language learning in VR. launched a social app on Quest 2. The idea is that instead of using memorization cards you’ll learn languages better by being immersed in virtual situations that relate to what you’re learning (imagine practicing Japanese at a virtual sushi restaurant in Japan). Right now you can learn Spanish but in 2023 and beyond they’re adding more languages like French and Japanese.

Niantic’s New Social App

Niantic, creator of the popular AR game Pokémon Go, announced Campfire, a new social app to help users discover new people, games, and events related to the Niantic ecosystem. It’s also just a great way to explore a new city.

AmEx’s AR Treasure Hunt

American Express is partnering with Yahoo to launch an AR game called American Express Summer Drop that gives you the opportunity to win tickets to events from the American Express® Experiences program or vouchers from American Express retail partners.  Players go on an AR treasure hunt searching for virtual “drops” that unlock real-world rewards. The game will be live until July 20th, 2022.

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