ARKit 6

During Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2022, Apple showed developers the improvements coming to Apple’s ARKit 6 toolkit for building AR apps on iOS devices. Improvements to depth perception (per-pixel depth info) for better scene mapping makes virtual objects blend and anchor themselves seamlessly into the real world (people occlusion, depth API, scene geometry…) You can read all the new upgrades here.

DPVR Funding Round

DPVR, a Shanghai-based VR device design and manufacturing company, announced it has completed a multimillion dollar round of funding.The round was led by Huaqiang Equity, with support from previous investors Qianyi Equity and Lianxin Funds Management company. DPVR says it plans to use the funding to create new products and hire increase hiring.

DPVR headset

MIT Research for AR / AI facial recognition

MIT researchers recently announced they trained an artificial neural network to process information for facial emotion recognition, aimed to help people with autism more easily recognize emotions expressed on people’s faces. Longterm, AR glasses with facial emotion recognition software installed could overlay text descriptions of the probable emotional state of the people the wearer is interacting with.

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