Meta’s prototype photoreal avatars On iPhone

Facebook first previewed photorealistic avatars they call ‘Codec Avatars’ in March 2019. These avatars can be operated in real time by a prototype VR headset holding five cameras; two watching each eye and three watching the lower face. Over the last few years researchers have revealed new versions of the system, like with more realistic eyes. Meta’s latest version creates an avatar with a scan from a smartphone with a depth sensor, like iPhones with FaceID. The researchers ay the scanning process takes 3 and a half minutes on average, then generating the avatar takes six hours.

Super Nintendo World’s AR Thrill Ride

Super Nintendo World, an interactive theme park dedicated to the company’s most popular video games, is set to open early 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Castle is a multi-sensory thrill ride where you go through memorable Mario Kart environments on a “stadium-style,” four-person vehicle. Passengers are given a pair of Mario-themed AR goggles which project various in-game elements over the real world ride.

New Among Us VR

Among Us VR is set to launch this holiday season on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. Like the original game, you will work together with other players to complete a series of tasks while avoiding getting killed by the “imposter”. If you’re playing as an imposter, your job is to kill the other players to make sure they don’t finish their tasks. The other players have to find out who the imposter is before that happens.

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