VR Meditation platform TRIPP

TRIPP, a developer building VR meditation experiences, has secured $11.2 million funding round to help meet the growing global demand for mental wellbeing extended reality apps. The series A funding had participation from sources like Qualcomm, Amazon Alexa Fund, HTC, and Niantic. TRIPP is available on many devices, including Meta Quest 2, Vive Flow, and PSVR.

Metaverse “gates”

StepVR, a VR service company, is launching a commercial omnidirectional treadmill set up with its own VR headset and haptic vest called “Gates01”. An immersive cage geared for VR education, entertainment, sports, and work. You can walk in any direction in VR while remaining in a fixed position in the cage. It features a roughly 3 square meter open-air design inspired by Steven Speilberg’s 2018 film, Ready Player One. StepVR says the system can “restore the sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and vestibular balance in the virtual world,”. Guessing the cage will eventually be able to produce smells as well for better immersion.

Nissan’s Virtual Dealership

First reported by Autoweek, Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan launched its own virtual world and brand experience gallery on the VRChat platform last month, so users could explore its latest eco-friendly vehicle lineup. It’s called the Nissan Crossing Experience, a virtual recreation of Nissan’s brand experience gallery located in Tokyo, Japan. You can interact and sit-in realistic 3D models of the Nissan Sakura and the Nissan Ariya. Nissan also launched a second world inside VRChat called Nissan Sakura Driving Island. Here you can ride a Nissan Sakura around a beautiful virtual island. The car drives itself so you can appreciate the surroundings.

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