Trilite partners with Dispelix

TriLite, a developer of the world’s smallest projection displays, announced it’s working with Dispelix, a provider of see-through waveguides (a piece of glass or plastic that bends and combines light from multiple sources to the eye) for wearables, to create a light high-performing display system for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. This will make AR possible in a variety of glasses with different sizes and styles.

Magnetic body tracking

 The Edge VR, a company that provides room-scale virtual reality (VR) experiences, announced the launch of its new patented, magnetically tracked, full-body VR platform, to allow high-quality, multi-person experiences in a room-scale environment for VR.

While other current body tracking systems such as camera-based tracking systems have occlusion issues, Edge VR’s magnetic tracking system is accurate and needs no line of sight to work properly. Edge VR also says their system is cheaper to produce than competing tracking systems.

Airbus Uses VR To Sell Custom Luxury Jets

European multinational aerospace corporation Airbus is letting you make your own custom private jet their ACJ Two Twenty Creative Studio in France. Each ACJ Two Twenty jet starts with a pre-designed interior. Using a Quest 2 VR headset, customers can create the inside layout using the Touch controllers. You can adjust walls, add furniture, alter colors and materials, and more. Airbus reported they already sold six custom Xtra Large Bixjets jets at a total of $81 million each.

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