Meta’s Asset Library

Meta announced that it’s launching an early version of its Horizon Worlds asset library, so creators won’t have to build from scratch. Creators can access a growing selection of pre-built assets that include basic objects to entire environments.

Microsoft Partnering With Volkswagon

Microsoft partnered with German automotive manufacturer Volkswagon to develop an augmented reality (AR) GPS navigation system on Microsoft’s mixed reality headset, Hololens 2. Microsoft calls it the ‘Moving Platform’ feature. With it, Volkswagon drivers can see real-time navigation and safety notifications while they drive.

“Imagine putting on a pair of augmented reality glasses as you head out in the morning and get into your vehicle. As your self-driving car takes you to your destination, you get holographic displays of traffic information, weather conditions, shopping recommendations and architectural highlights along the way” Deborah Bach wrote in a Microsoft blog post.

NBA Joins Horizon Worlds

Meta announced it partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to bring the NBA experience to Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR metaverse for the league’s 75th anniversary. Users can watch viral NBA highlights and explore an NBA-themed world with various games and activities.

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