Google buys Raxium

Google confirmed in a blog post that it has acquired Raxium, a microLED (µLED) designing company founded in 2017. “The team at Raxium has spent five years creating miniaturized, cost-effective and energy efficient high-resolution displays that have laid the foundation for future display technologies” Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Devices & Services, said in the blog post. This buy will likely lead to lighter, cheaper displays for its upcoming AR devices after it failed to popularize Google Glasses in 2013.

Vatican’s Own VR Gallery

Metaverse developer Sensorium Corporation is working with the Humanity 2.0 organization to create a non-fungible token (NFT) art gallery for The Vatican, one of the most famous art museums in the world created in the 16th century. With the NFT art gallery, people anywhere can see the artworks in their collection. The physical Vatican holds art by Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and many more.

Snapchat AR Concerts

Snap, parent company of Snapchat, is partnering with Live Nation Entertainment to bring Snapchat AR (augmented reality) experiences to select Live Nation concerts. With this feature you can find friends in the crowd, have AR content appear on stage and in crowd, and share that content on Snapchat.

Finally one quick note, Meta’s new brick and mortar store is finally open in California.

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