Arkio on Quest

 Arkio is a collaborative VR tool that lets you create 3D buildings, city landscapes, remodel rooms like a kitchen or bathroom, and create Unity scenes all in VR. Arkio lets you either use your Meta Quest controllers to grab, pinch, and pull objects in a scene or you can use hand-tracking technology. You can design with a maximum of 10 other collaborators.

Wendys in Horizon Worlds

Wendy’s unveiled the Wendyverse, built by community creators inside Horizon Worlds. Users with a Meta Quest 2 can go to Horizon Worlds, Meta’s Metaverse platform, and visit a virtual Wendy’s restaurant, play games, and shoot hoops with a virtual Baconator.


VR users will point out how apps like Horizon Worlds have avatars without legs. Their was an announcement from Skarredghost about his leg-based VR metaverse, called Legverse. Instead of focusing on the waste up, Legverse focuses on our lower halves for a new Metaverse experience.

While some may have thought the April 1st announcement was real, unfortunately: April Fools.

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