Adobe Products for The Metaverse

At the Adobe Summit Digital Experience Conference this week, Adobe announced a series of projects designed to position brands to succeed in the Metaverse. Later this year they intend to expand its Substance 3D Collection, a series of apps for creating 3D visuals and experiences. Adobe also plans to continue integrating its 3D content, effects and capabilities across its Creative Cloud applications.

Niantic and Project for Public Spaces

Niantic,  creator of Pokémon GO, announced it has partnered with Project for Public Spaces, a US nonprofit organization focused on creating community-powered public spaces. They physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place. Niantic plans to work with  Project for Public Spaces to fund a Community Placemaking Grant project to help a community-wide destination with Niantic’s augmented reality games to improve the visitor experience for underserved members of the community.

Event pic from Project For Public Spaces website

Esports to Olympics

VR developer One Hamsa announced that the International Racquetball Federation has voted to officially recognize Racket: Nx as a officially sanctioned sports discipline. One Hamsa says this marks the “first electronic game of any sort” to be recognized as a global sport with the International Olympic Committee.

Qualcomm’s $100 Million ‘Metaverse Fund’

Qualcomm is putting $100 million in their “Snapdragon Metaverse Fund” towards immersive reality developers and technologies. Particularly studios working on health, gaming, media, entertainment, education and applications for headsets. Qualcomm’s XR2 chip is already embedded into every Quest 2 headset.

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