NuEyes hand gestures

NuEyes, one of the now many AR smart glasses companies, worked with ManoMotion to add hand tracking and gesture technology into the NuEyes Pro 3 AR smartglasses. This opens up the possibility of the glasses being used for AR game platforms. The company was originally launched in 2016 to help individuals with eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Meta Announces Quest Night

Meta has officially unveiled Quest Night, a weekly game night for all things related to Quest. The game nights will be every Tuesday starting next Tuesday. Meta is hoping Quest users will develop a routine to meet up online for multiplayer gaming. Similar to the traditional game night one might have with family.

‘Townscaper’ Developer’s early prototype for VR version

Townscaper is a town-building app that first launched on Steam Early Access in 2020. Now its developer Oskar Stålberg is showing a prototype of a VR version of the app. It’s still an early prototype, and there is no official launch date for a VR design of the app.

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