Population: One’s new map

Population: One, the 2020 online virtual reality battle royale developed and published by Big Box VR,  is getting an all-new map March 17th. The map is a futuristic neon-lit city.


HTC Vive this week announced Viveverse, an open-source, open-ended VR “Metaverse” with interactive worlds, apps, and games. Viveverse is accessible via a smartphone, PC, tablet, and the company’s own Vive Flow VR glasses. Users can travel between various platforms like Vive Sync and Engage, a popular enterprise metaverse platform while maintaining their virtual identity. You can also connect your crypto wallet and import your NFTs using the Vive Flow.

Build Worlds With Your Voice

Builder Bot is Meta’s AI-powered system that can generate custom 3D worlds and objects from your voice commands.

Black History Month

ROSE, a minority-owned New York-based digital agency focused on AR, partnered with 8th Wall, a WebAR development platform, to create Museum-Like AR experience for Black History Month. This year’s theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness and so the virtual museum shows black contributions to medicine covering over 300 years of American history, from 1721 to 2021.

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