Meta Quest’s Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl has been the hotspot for advertising real estate for years. It’s likely no surprise that Meta bought a 1 minute ad spot that promoted their VR hardware Meta Quest 2 and rebrand from Oculus to Meta to a national audience.

McDonald’s “Metaverse”

Order physical food In McDonald’s Metaverse restaurant. The fast-food behemoth McDonald’s filed 10 trademark applications for a McDonald’s restaurants in the Metaverse. You’ll be able to visit a virtual version of the fast food chain, and be able to order menu items such as the Big Mac, a cheeseburger Happy Meal, or a McChicken, and have them delivered directly to your physical home.

Super Bowl

Snapchat collaborated with Arcadia and Verizon to augment the stadium for live, in-person Super Bowl viewers. Viewers were able to battle over control of a virtual airship hovering above the field. In addition to that experience, the Discover menu, the Spotlight section, and Cameo stories and stickers had special game-themed videos, activities, and more for at-home viewers.

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