HalfDive Canceled

Japanese startup Diver-X announced that it’s withdrawing it’s project on HalfDive, which was a unique VR headset designed to be used while laying down, inspired from the hit anime Sword Art Online. The backers on Kickstarter will not be charged for the funds collected. The company decided to cancel in part because of its niche appeal at present. However, they plan on continuing new projects in the future. Diver-X’s full report is found here.

Snap’s new AR store

Augmented reality is often used for virtual try-ons, where you can see how a product looks in your immediate environment before purchasing – a virtual “try before you buy”. This AR e-commerce process isn’t as seamless as a physical store as the AR platforms are created by different brands. Snap aims to build an interface where you could see products next to each other in AR similar to how you could in a store.

Dropp GG’s AR NFTs

Social NFT minting platform Dropp GG announced that it has raised USD $8 million to develop its augmented reality platform that allows users to mint, view and purchase NFTs in the real world. The NFTs are tied to geography and users can find and add them to locations.

Layout from Dropp GG’s website
Mixed reality environments with NFTs as virtual objects

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