The Metaverse won’t materialize by itself. It will be manifestation of human engineering, imagination and spirit. If you’re interested in a career in programming for the Metaverse. If you’re already familiar coding for an MMORPG or virtual experiences in general, you likely have known the following languages for years. If not, write these down if you want to see what to add to your skillset:


Javascript is a helpful language when it comes to web-based VR apps. It’s considered the language of the web, added as a trio next to the basic layout and styling instructions of HTML and CSS. Programmers in general will often tell you learn javascript before stepping into other categories as it’s a broadly used language. It’s used in today’s web2 environment and on web3 blockchains.


C# has been the number one programming language for the popular game engine Unity for nearly 2 decades. Unity is perfect for virtual reality platforms. It’s used by casual hobbyists alongside large indie studios. Knowing how to design games with this language helps with creating the interactions and physics of the Metaverse.


Unreal, another game engine by Epic, uses  C++ as the main language. C++ is called a low-level programming language that give commands that aren’t very different from the machine’s instruction architecture. Low-level languages are nearly identical to the computer’s own instruction set. Basic instructions the computer understands. A high-level language on the contrary is a programming language that’s much more user-friendly and uses more natural language to humans and isn’t tied to specific hardware instructions.


Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It’s compact and has a large amount of third-party modules for quick add-ons to your code. It might seem difficult for a beginner, but once mastered, it’s easy to transition into other languages. It’s often been used in both VR and AR app development.

Dollar signs aren’t necessarily the first thing one should consider with a career in the Metaverse, but it should be noted that the Metaverse’s total value is expected by some estimates to go far over a trillion in the coming years so expect high demand.

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