Forever 21 in Roblox

The Metaverse company Virtual Brand Group partnered with popular clothing retail company Forever 21 to let users operate and design their own Forever 21 store inside of Roblox. Like physical world franchises, when new products are released, they’re sent out to virtual stores to sell. Store owners can earn points from tasks to get new furniture and store displays.

Nike and RTFKT

Nike, Inc., announced the acquisition of RTFKT, a company formed in January 2020 that creates  one of a kind sneakers, digital artifacts, and Avatars for the Metaverse. Nike aims expand its famous footwear lines to the Metaverse.

Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places (launched on PSVR December 14, 2021) is a VR puzzle game that does a highly-detailed realistic room scan and breaks it into jigsaw puzzles. Created by, who uses “photogrammetry”, a technique that turns high-resolution photos into 3D models.

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