Sword Art Online inspired Headgear

Japanese startup Diver-X is attempting to launch a SteamVR-compatible headset which follows the design of the fictional headsets in the anime “Sword Art Online.”

Like the headset in Sword Art Online, you wear it lying down. This allows the designers to not worry so much about the weight.


Speaking of Japan, another Japanese social VR startup HIKKY announced today that it has raised ¥6.5 billion (~$57 million) and will use the funds to help expand its web based VR marketplace platform.

Disney Store in Hikky’s marketplace


Niantic, the creator of the AR game Pokemon Go, is sharing its Lightship AR Development Kit (ARDK) platform, a software development kit (SDK) that has the real-time mapping technology that makes Pokémon Go possible. This is to attract third-party developers to help create an “AR Metaverse”.

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