Facebook’s metaverse

The biggest news without a doubt this week was Facebook’s presumed rebrand to a metaverse company. They plan to hire 10,000 people to help build the virtual-reality based metaverse.

This move to the metaverse isn’t exactly a shock – Facebook is a gigantic and financially comfortable social media company that’s also been involved in virtual reality for years. Picture the metaverse as the internet and social media on steroids. It’s an internet that you can delve into. Walk around and explore.


Facebook’s Oculus Go headset is now open for developers and modders, no jailbreak needed. The Oculus Quest 2 was released October 15 2020 and so Facebook seems comfortable letting their old series go to the masses for tinkering. Their new series Oculus Quest Pro may have been leaked recently.

Company Varjo announced their new headset Aero, with a price of $2000. Believe it or not, this is on the affordable side of their products.


The wildly popular VR game Beat Saber finally released multiplayer support for Playstation VR (PS VR). The catch is you need a PlayStation Plus subscription and does not support cross-play. You can only play against other PlayStation VR players.

Cross-play for Beat Saber was enabled for Oculus Quest and PC VR players last month, so it’s not too out there to assume they will soon bridge that to PS VR as well.


Finally, for casual gamers, you might want to get “Jentrix” on the Oculus Quest. It’s a combination of the games ‘Jenga’ And ‘Tetris’.

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