Social gaming has become a growing trend among teens and millennials, with websites like Twitch for live-streaming gameplay and consoles allowing for people to play with other gamers across the world.

Social Gaming has existed for awhile. People could play multi-player games with others even back in the 70s with games like Pong. The difference is that it was often local. In the past couple decades online gaming has exploded.

Activision Blizzard began July 9, 2008. It was formerly two separate companies “Activision” and “Vivendi Games”  which were responsible for a variety of video-games in the 80s-2000s.

Prior to Activision, third-party developers for the video-game world did not exist. The software of the game consoles were published by the makers of the systems.

Now, the competitive video gaming world has led to many gamers hoping for video gaming to become a professional sport, complete with live-streamed competition on a massive scale with player contracts and prizes.

The International is a eSport game event for Dota2. The first tournament took place in Germany in 2011 and the second in 2012 took place in Seattle.

Activision Blizzard said it’s now also creating it’s own professional e-sports league based on its 1st-person shooter video game “Overwatch.” The idea is to win cash prizes and for the winners to be celebrated as local heroes. As e-sports becomes mainstream it’s also being noticed by ESPN.

It will be an exciting 2017 for gamers as the investment in e-gaming grows.


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