There are now approximately 2 billion users of social media in the world, and the number is on the rise. As people use the services, the companies try to compete with one another to stay relevant and interesting.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg set plans for the future of Facebook, which included AI, VR, and drones. With virtual reality, Zuckerberg gave a demonstration with a Facebook-owned VR system.

“I just took a selfie in virtual reality!” he wrote on his page on October 6th.

Some of the general social media trends include commerce on social media, VR,  AI providing relevant content to the consumer, and beyond.

There has also been increasing synergy on broadcasts. 2016 marked an interesting year in partnerships in social media. Twitter partnered with CBS to provide live-stream coverage for the Republican and Democratic National conventions.

The biggest trend in Social Media is the engagement of social media itself. As we get closer to 2017, the number of users only go up.


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